Through our construction and installation work of HVAC and sanitary equipment, we are committed to creating all types of spaces That people and society seek including:
Spaces where people gather and do activities
Spaces used for producing food or products such as semiconductors
Space where people can relax and sustain their health

Production Environment

Plants and laboratories

Our clean rooms do not allow the entrance of even ultrafine particles. Under your prescribed conditions, low temperature rooms and low and high humidity room are controlled. Our technologies, we respond to high-level environmental needs that vary according to your product line whether it be as semiconductors, liquid crystals pharmaceuticals or foods.

Transportation and Communication Environment

Airports, railway stations, Television broadcasting stations And cellular phone communication stations

The transportation system has become an integral part of the social infrastructure and the wide area communication networks have expanded as mobile phones have dissemi-nated. Now people are seeking better air conditioning and fire prevention technologies, as well as advanced control technologies to improve safety and convenience.

Living and Cultural Environment

School Buildings, assembly halls, hotels, and concert halls

We create equipment and facilities optimized for large spaces by simulating various air conditioning control for temperature, humidity and air flow to ensuring security through automatic control systems.

Health and Medical Environment

Hospitals and care facilities

Our biological clean rooms remove and control bacteria In air. Our biohazard preven- tion technologies eliminate contaminants in water and air by removing and sterilizing bacteria to protect air quality and the lives of people.

Business Environment

Office building in general and high-ries buildings

We respond to the needs of customers who want to remodel and upgrade to an intelligent buildings with solutions that are appropriate to their applications and lines of business. We endeavor to improve the office amenities solutions and individually controlled air conditioning systems, starting from designing to construction and maintenance.